Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stamp & Die Storage idea

With Cape Town experiencing a heatwave at the moment I am unable to sit and create in the evenings at my craft desk.  What I have been doing is organising my stamps as this means I do not  have to put my craft light on - it is just way too hot !

I found a whole lot of CD's we used to use to backup our computers on in the office and I decided to re use the cases for the stamps that are mounted on cling cushion.  Most of the labels are too large so they require trimming down but otherwise it is a quick and easy job to do.  I will get around to labelling the spines once I can find a tape that is thin enough.  I also store these CD cases in a larger plastic bin - I went down to the local plastic store with a CD case and measured all the containers until I found one that was just right.

Besides stamps, a lot of Spellbinders, Whimsy, Marianne D and other metal dies fit these cases perfectly.  I managed to source a magnetic sheet (had to buy a couple of meters of it) and cut squares for each CD case before popping in the die.

All this came about as a result of having a mouse eat some of my stamps - it ate right through the packaging.  I figured the stamps would be a lot safer if they were in a CD case and then in a plastic container !

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