Sunday, January 22, 2012

Envelope Templates made with old X-rays

The only square envelopes which are fairly readily available here in Cape Town are 6" ones.  I often make cards that are smaller and decided to look for some free templates on the internet.  There are quite a few around and I am not entirely sure which site I took these from.

The first of the templates is a 4 ½" square envelope and the one below is a 5" square template.  Both are made from old x-rays (and do I have loads of those !!).  I printed out the envelope templates making sure I used the borderless printer setting, then I cut them out.  After sticking them onto the x-ray using masking tape I cut around the outline.

The site I took these from did not have liners so I made my own up also using x-rays.  Below is a photo of the 2 sized liners and a couple of the paper ones I cut out ready to pop onto an envelope.
After doing these I then decided to have a look at some of the metal dies which require a template.  Some of the newer Whimsy dies do not come with one and I thought a cardstock template might need replacing so I cut some out of the x-rays as well.  I also did the same with the new Peachy Keen dies. With the way I am going I will need to start searching through the cupboards for some more x-rays soon ! 

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