Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas Ornament - Cottage Cutz Squirrel

Many of the dies I dug out for the Christmas Tree festival decorations are old but it is certainly fun to be using them again.  For this ornament I cut out 2 Spellbinders Mittens, added a piece of red felt on the top of the front one only and needle felted the bottom of the mitten using individual strands of white wool.  I thought it would be cheaper and easier to use wool instead of trying to source white felting and waiting for it to be delivered.  The joys of living in a rural part of the country !

The squirrel is from a Cottage Cutz die as is the present.  The squirrel was cut from card stock and I used Distress inks and a sponge to darken certain areas.  Again I used Felt Glue to stick the squirrel to the felt.  It really is an excellent glue.

To finish off I attached a loop of ribbon on the top and lightly sewed it in.  I then sewed around the edges leaving a small gap to insert filling in before closing it up.  I am not overfilling these ornaments especially the ones I am using card stock toppings on as the card stock needs to sit as flat as possible for it to look nice.

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