Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well, it appears the mouse left the house whilst we were away but not after eating some of my cards and projects.  It also tried to make a nest in one of my drawers housing some acrylic and JustRite rubber stamps.  I think the stamps are able to be salvaged and the damage could have been a lot worse.

My craft area is upside down. I have found a large plastic container and tossed everything that was in the drawers that could be eaten into it.  Who knew a little mouse could cause that much chaos !!  A huge thanks to our friend and dogsitter who methodically went through my mountain of craft supplies to hunt the mouse down.  She definitely prevented more damage, which I am most grateful for.

Well, all that means no projects for this week.  I will use the weekend to restore order to my craft area and hopefully tackle a few cards.  By Monday I am hoping to have my voice back to full strength, after 3 weeks I really need to talk again !!

In the meanwhile why not take a look at some super simple Xmas cards on The Penny Black Blog.

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