Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is a bit of a story attached to these cards.  One wintery Saturday afternoon in July this year I decided to try out my new snowman stamp.  Before colouring it in I wanted to see what his buttons looked like with blue Stickles but I squeezed the bottle too hard and a great big dollop came out onto a piece of scrap paper (fortunately).  Not wanting to waste it, I quickly stamped out another dozen images and used the all the Stickles up.  I coloured them all in which is easy once you have done the first one, popped them onto purple cardstock and embossed the white backgrounds.  Then I packed them away into my Xmas container.

This past weekend I was checking to see if I had made enough Xmas cards and found myself a bit short.  On going through the Xmas container I was delighted to find my hidden stash and vowed to do Xmas cards in July again next year !

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