Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sometimes keeping simple is all that is required.  My SU Holiday Lineup stamps are getting a lot of use and I when I spotted a card with the snowmen all coloured in blue, I thought it was a good idea - simple and uncomplicated.  As can be seen, I am new to paper tearing and decided to wet it with a paint brush along a line, then tear it.  I think my hands and fingers are too small as I struggle to get it right.  Perhaps I should try one of those jagged rulers next to see how that turns out !


  1. Great card Di. To help with paper tearing, some companies have a paper tearing tool - I know that Creative memories does.The trick is to not hesitate - just tear with confidence and it will look smoother.

  2. thanks, will investigate that. Tried a jagged ruler the other day and split my finger open !!