Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tote bag using fabric markers and paint

I was looking for an alternate idea to gift bags and recently saw a pack of 5 Natural Cotton Tote bags on sale.  I have done a workshop on fabric painting and thought I could have a go at decorating the bags.

After washing and ironing them (use a steam iron and water spray on the bag which is not quite dry) I looked for a suitable image.  What one can do is take a stamped image on photocopy paper and enlarge to get the size you want.  Pop it on a lightbox and, with the bag on the top, you can trace the image using a soft pencil.  In this instance I took a photo of a puma, used the photocopy selection on Photoshop and ended up with a suitable outline.

I then outlined the image with a black Sharpies Stained Fabric Marker and painted the larger areas using black Dylon fabric paint.  After leaving the ink to dry for a day I heat set the image by ironing on the reverse side for 5 minutes.  The iron must be on the no steam setting at a fairly high temperature.

I do intend trying out acrylic paints which I believe work well as long as they are not applied too thickly.  I have done a number of these bags with images taken from the internet.  Simple outline images work well.

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